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    PMMA unveils new logo, brand identity

    As an organization evolves and grows, so should brand awareness. In the past year, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has embarked on a journey to create a brand image that could represent all its communities and provide greater brand awareness for the entire PMMA system.The challenges were great. The new mark had to reflect PMMA’s core values, mission and beliefs.   Read More...

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    Aquatics Classes a Splash at Aberdeen Village

    As temperatures begin to warm up outside, there's nothing quite like taking a refreshing dip in our very own indoor pool. Our aquatics exercise classes are a great way to stay active! Jordanne Gerdes with Aegis Therapies leads these sessions and encourages you to give it a try."Doing exercise in the water is a good way to strengthen your muscles through the natural resistance water offers while putting less pressure on your joints: helping to relieve pain and increase flexibility.   Read More...

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    Presbyterian Manor of Mid-America system to celebrate 70 years of living

    On April 19, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA) will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Our first very first community opened in Newton, Kan., on April 19, 1949, nearly two years after ninety-year-old Alice Kalb of El Dorado, Kan., asked the United Presbyterian Synod if it would consider opening a home for the aged. A small exploratory committee formed to look at the idea and determined it had merit.To raise funds for the Newton effort, a dedicated offering throughout the synod took place on...  Read More...

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    Valuing volunteers

    April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we have so many to highlight at Aberdeen Village! This time, we chose to shine the spotlight on a volunteer who brings hopeful harmony.Every Sunday, Aberdeen Village residents are treated to the sweet sounds of musicians who donate their time and talents to provide familiar hymns and worship music. One such volunteer is Edwin Funkunaga, whose talent was recruited from Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church by Rev.   Read More...

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    Pre-planning a memorial service

    By Chaplain Diane GunsolleyI was blessed with a wonderful grandmother named Lucile. She was upbeat and lived life to the fullest. She was also one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I’ve known.   Read More...

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    Celebrating Staff “sheroes” for Women’s History Month

    We have some strong and dedicated women on staff at Aberdeen Village, and in honor of Women’s History Month, we asked them to share with us a woman who they admire and how she has been inspirational for them.Linda Mwanzi, assisted living director: "I admire Florence Nightingale. She played a major part in reforming nursing by expressing the true meaning of it. She portrayed nursing in a positive way and contributed to abolishing behaviors that undermined women's dignity."...  Read More...

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    Residents reflect on influential women

    History and modern times have no shortage of wonderful women whom we can look up to, so when we asked residents Donna Ashlock and Mary Johnson to name their favorite, it was a bit difficult. There are just so many to choose from! They did give us an answer, though:Donna Ashlock: “I really admire Eleanor Roosevelt.   Read More...

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    Aberdeen Village’s Art is Ageless® exhibit and reception features senior artists

    Since the beginning of time, creative expression has brought joy to both its creators and those who experience their art. The Art is Ageless® program offers senior artists the opportunity to share and display their artwork and reaffirms the agelessness of human creativity.This month, their works are on display at Aberdeen Village. “It’s inspiring to see the beautiful pieces these seniors have created,” said Stephanie Oehlert, sales and marketing director.   Read More...

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    Appreciation for Angel Appeal

    Thank you for all of the generous hearts who donated to our Angel Appeal campaign, which benefits our Good Samaritan Program. This program helps ensure that residents who have run out of resources through no fault of their own can continue calling this "home."Mrs. Frances Adair Mrs.   Read More...

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    Get heart smart!

    February is "heart month," and we asked Trisha Bahr, CPTA Director of Rehabilitation, a few common questions about how to keep your heart healthy at any age.What heart-healthy activities do you recommend for seniors who aren't already active? It is recommended that seniors age 65 and older get at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity weekly. That averages out to 30 minutes a day.   Read More...

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