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  • Chaplain: Get to know Marie Allen

    [caption id="attachment_5970" align="alignleft" width="300"] Front row: Marie and Clyde Allen Back row: Bill Allen, Karen Dorway and Linda Lynch[/caption]By Diane Gunsolley, Aberdeen Village chaplainAs chaplain, one of my greatest delights is getting to know the people who live at Aberdeen Village and their families. When someone trusts me with their story, I consider it a precious gift. Like discovering precious metals, getting to know someone well is rare and valuable.To my great sadness, some...  Read More...

  • Health care community residents practice gratitude through journaling

    Research has shown that recognizing the good may improve well-beingBy Tina L. Kies for Next Avenue[caption id="attachment_5956" align="alignright" width="747"] Credit: Adobe Stock[/caption]Her pale blue eyes sparkle when she smiles. Peacefully observing all that surrounds her, she is a history book waiting to be opened.   Read More...

  • Prepare for surgery with exercise and diet

  • What I learned from my gray hair experiment

    Giving up my copper-red locks wasn't easy, but it was time (or was it?)By Wendy Schuman for Next AvenueLast spring, I decided it was time. I would no longer color my hair. I vowed that after my youngest child’s wedding in April, I was going to let it go silver.   Read More...

  • 10 ways to keep your old dog healthy and happy

    Some of these potential solutions are easy and inexpensiveBy Deb Hipp for Next Avenue[caption id="attachment_5954" align="alignright" width="747"] Credit: Adobe Stock[/caption]When my dog Toby was 11, I checked out a book on anti-aging for dogs from the library. I left to run a few errands and returned later to a grisly scene.I found the mangled book on the floor, cover gnawed off, two chapters torn apart and puncture wounds to the appendix. Apparently, Toby didn’t intend to age gracefully.I’d a...  Read More...

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