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Friendly staff and neighbors make Aberdeen Village home

After an initial delay getting settled into her new apartment, Bonnie Anglewicz is happy to report that she’s pretty well settled in.

“I’ve been here for seven months, and all but one box is unpacked,” Bonnie said.

In that time, Bonnie said Aberdeen Village has felt like home.

“You never know when you move how things will be or what your neighbors will be like,” she said. “The neighbors are family. They care for you, watch out for you. If you don’t show up somewhere, they come look for you. It’s like that with everyone I’ve met. I couldn’t be happier. It feels like I’m home.”

Which is good since, after a series of moves between Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, Bonnie declared she was going to either go to a “nursing home or a funeral home because I’m not moving again.”

She originally came to Kansas to be near her daughter, who later moved to England with her family. A return to the Kansas City area, however, brought Bonnie to Aberdeen Village.

“My daughter and her children live about 40 minutes away,” Bonnie said. “She helps with anything I need, and calls every other day or so. We have a very nice, close relationship.”

One of the things Bonnie likes most about life at Aberdeen Village is the variety of activities she can participate in - or not, depending on her mood.

“I can stick my nose in where ever I want,” she laughed. “Any time you feel like doing something, you can do what you’re comfortable doing. There are so many options, and staff has said to me if there’s something I can think of, tell them, and we’ll start a new group.”

So far, she’s especially enjoyed the bible study groups, art groups, the Osher lifelong learning sessions, the wine club, the mystery bus tours, and serving on the resident council.

More than the activities, Bonnie appreciates the hard work of the staff, and visits with neighbors.

“The staff is great,” she said. “I want to thank them for being who they are and doing what they do for us. They’re ready to help and they work with all of us. If you have a problem - from the top on down - they will chat about it and address our problems very nicely. You feel free to talk to them whenever.”

Her visits with neighbors remind her of a time gone by.

“It reminds me of when neighbors were neighbors,” Bonnie said. “You don’t have to call and make an appointment, or make sure your house is all together. You can just talk across the white picket fence.”

Aiding in those neighborly interactions is Bonnie’s Yorkie, Daisy. People love to visit and supply her with treats.

“The other day, I got a call from a resident who asked if she could come down and see Daisy,” Bonnie said. “I said ‘Don’t you want to come down and see me?’ and she said ‘No, I want to see your dog.’ People like my dog better than they like me.”

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