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Made from scratch, made with love

February is heart month and Dining Service Director Norma Kester explains how the kitchen team ensures that Aberdeen Village residents have heart-healthy choices, while showing a little extra love with made-from-scratch food.

"We start with fresh, quality ingredients. We cut our own salads, and don't use pre-packaged salad mixes. We make our own made-from-scratch soup daily, offering a broth base at lunch and additional cream base in the evening. All our soups, sauces and gravies are made from scratch using flour or cornstarch, no prepackaged mixes. We use extra virgin olive oil in our cooking. We also offer a ‘catch of the day’ fish item every day, as fish is rich in Omega-3s, important for heart health. We use smoked turkey and ham for our sandwiches, instead of deli processed meats, which are high in sodium.

“We cut and trim our own steaks and tenderloins, and all our meats come in raw form and we season and cook—no precooked meats. We offer baked and grilled items on our daily menu and don't use salt in our recipes. Scratch cooking gives more control over ingredients, providing a healthier choice on fat and sodium control."

As residents and guests can tell you, the healthy choices the kitchen team makes don't take anything away from the flavor of the food—it's delicious!

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