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Poems Written by Residents About Our Beautiful Zinnia Flowers

I saw the zinnias blooming on the patio today
So many colors, what an array.

They have survived the summer heat
To see the flowers daily has been a real treat.

I saw 3 butterflies on the zinnias today
Filling their stomachs for their journey far away.

But now fall is here
Soon the flowers will be gone, I fear.

Perhaps someone will save some zinnia seeds in a pail
And plant them on the patio next year by the rail.

-Pat Rulon October 2022

Delphinium? NO!
It is zinnias I adore!
In red of every shade and shape
They bloom in garden and path
Rose? Forget those!
All thorny and scratchy
They make your nose run
And finger bleed.
Violet? NOT!
Too small by half
And they won’t last!

So it is Zinnias we have
In all the pretty colors
Of red, yellow and blue
Gold and orange too.

The most beautiful bloom this year
Grew in a large pot.
Perfectly round and three inches across,
With maturity it grw into a cylinder
Adding layer after layer of petal and seeds.
Small butterflies stopped to rest and admire.
No bug or varmit came to defile.

We have harvested the beauty.
-Sam Malsbary October 2022

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