Celebrating our nurses

We love our nurses every year - but with the Year of the Nurse, it’s a good time to celebrate the dedicated professionals who help make Aberdeen Village such a special place.
October 21, 2020

Cassandra Everett blends passions in her work at Aberdeen Village

For Cassandra Everett, licensed practical nurse, her role as medical records coordinator at Aberdeen Village blends her desire to care for others and to exercise the creative problem solving required of a businesswoman.“Growing up, I always liked to take care of people, but I wanted to be a businesswoman, too,” Cassandra said. “My dad was a teacher, and my mom was a nurse. I have many family members in the medical field, so you can say it’s in my blood.
May 25, 2020

Nursing isn’t a choice — it’s a calling

“I sometimes feel like nursing chose me rather than the other way around,” said Kim, who serves as the assistant director of nursing for health care at Aberdeen Village. “I got a job as a nurse assistant while in high school simply because I wanted a little spending money. I didn’t really know what I was getting into, but it was a fit right from the start and I’ve never left.”
March 19, 2020

Social worker is ready to help residents, no matter the need

“My approach to social work is ‘see a need, fill a need,’” Liz said. “If something or someone is in need of help, I will do my best to assist. My hope is that all residents, regardless of where they live in our building, recognize me as a resource and advocate and someone who’s willing to accompany them in life.”
February 21, 2020

Social services director does a ‘little bit of everything’ at Aberdeen Village

March is social worker month, and the theme is “Social Workers: Generations Strong.” We visited with Social Services Director Janelle Erickson to learn more about the work social workers do and how they help serve the residents of Aberdeen Village.
February 15, 2020