Art is Ageless

What age do you have to be to start creating amazing works of art? At what age do you stop producing truly inspiring pieces? Encouraging older adults to take up the arts and express themselves is a long-standing tradition at Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities.

In 1981, PMMA featured resident art in the first Art is Ageless® calendar. The program was born out of PMMA's desire to reaffirm "the agelessness of human creativity" and to actively demonstrate that "when it comes to human worth, it is the mind and spirit – not age – that counts." The sentiments were expressed by former PMMA president, Rev. Thomas C. Wentz in the inaugural calendar.

An important aspect of Art is Ageless is the variety of artistic classes and programs offered at Aberdeen Village. Local professional artists come to teach and assist residents, along with resident and staff-lead classes.

Art lovers

Aberdeen Village partners with local arts groups to benefit not only our residents, but art lovers in the broader community. Each year in the spring, Aberdeen Village hosts an exhibit and juried art competition through Art is Ageless.

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For more about Art is Ageless at Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, visit the Art is Ageless website, or contact us.