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A Love Letter To My Husband

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Hob and Carolyn Habighorst[/caption]

Independent living residents Hob and Carolyn Habighorst recently celebrated 65 years of marriage. Carolyn put her feelings on paper expressing what a "journey" it has been:

“Sixty-five years of marriage, now that is a long time! Hob, you never asked me to marry you, you asked me to go on a journey with you, and what a journey it has turned out to be.

“A journey of friendship and love. A journey of family, two beautiful and healthy girls. A journey watching our girls mature. A journey through sickness, a major heart attack, a broken neck, chicken pox and measles. A journey through travel, 15 years full-timing it in a fifth wheel while we volunteered in national parks. A journey to many parts of the world.

“My life has been so enriched by this journey I have taken with you Hob. Here we are now, 65 years later, and still on a journey together. A journey that changes day by day, week by week, but it is our journey as we walk it together!”

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