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    Cassandra Everett blends passions in her work at Aberdeen Village

    For Cassandra Everett, licensed practical nurse, her role as medical records coordinator at Aberdeen Village blends her desire to care for others and to exercise the creative problem solving required of a businesswoman.“Growing up, I always liked to take care of people, but I wanted to be a businesswoman, too,” Cassandra said. “My dad was a teacher, and my mom was a nurse. I have many family members in the medical field, so you can say it’s in my blood.   Read More...

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    Aberdeen Village staff creative, innovative in pandemic response

    The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe has forced public health measures not seen since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Terms such as “social distancing” and “stay-at-home order” have become commonplace in an era of a novel virus for which there is no treatment or vaccine.Communities such as Aberdeen Village Presbyterian Manor have been forced to re-evaluate protocols to protect residents, who face increased threat of contracting the virus due to the nature of ca...  Read More...

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    Residents remember significant historic events

    Each of us passes through historic moments throughout our lives. While shared nationally or globally, we often remember these times through the filter of our personal experience. From a global pandemic or the assassination of a president to the biggest snowstorm in memory — these experiences are both widely shared and uniquely ours.Below are a few memories of residents who offered their own “I remember where I was when.…” stories.Beth Riner — 9/11 attacksOur phone ...  Read More...

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    Cards and letters help warm residents’ spirits during crisis

    Staff and residents of Aberdeen Village want to give a special “thank you” to everyone who has sent cards, letters and kind thoughts to our community.We received a stack of postcards Tuesday from a thoughtful person named Kayla. It was so touching that our staff teared up while reading her messages. She sent so many cards that every resident in the healthcare area received one.   Read More...

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    Staff help residents stay connected with technology

    The entire world is navigating uncharted territory as the COVID-19 virus moves across the globe.Residents and staff at communities such as Aberdeen Village have had to endure drastic changes in operations, procedures and contact with the outside world in order to protect those most vulnerable to the virus. For residents, that has been an especially big challenge that has made it impossible for family members to visit the communities.“People need to feel connected to other people to feel we...  Read More...

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