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Aberdeen Village residents raise money for hurricane relief

On September 23, Aberdeen Village residents met with the Heart-to-Heart International Relief group to present them with a check in the amount of $2,055.

Our residents took it upon themselves to raise money for the hurricane victims who have lost everything recently. They had a great response from everyone here at Aberdeen Village with their donation request.

Aberdeen Village residents don't just sit back and visit about how horrible it is that others in our country are going through such devastation while they sit here in their apartment all dry and cozy. They actually think of ways to help others in time of need!

We applaud the efforts of the few to help the needs of so many.

PHOTO: Aberdeen Village residents present a check to Heart-to-Heart International Relief. From left to right: Representative from Heart-to-Heart, Sam Malsbary, Ed Weger, Esther Minter, and Zoe Moore, and a representative from Heart-to-Heart.

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