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Appreciation for Angel Appeal

Thank you for all of the generous hearts who donated to our Angel Appeal campaign, which benefits our Good Samaritan Program. This program helps ensure that residents who have run out of resources through no fault of their own can continue calling this "home."

Mrs. Frances Adair
Mrs. Janice L. Adams
Mrs. Mary E. Allin
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Allin
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Bancroft
Mr. Elden L. Beebe
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bergmann
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Beyer
Mr. Jack Bowerman
Mrs. Margaret R. Bowerman
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Brimm
Ms. Cathy Broockerd
Mrs. Georgia A. Bundschuh
Ms. Linda Carlson
Mrs. Sybil Diehl
Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Shirley Dixon
Mr. Edward Duman
Mrs. Trudy Eden
Mrs. E. Marie Elsey
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Erwin
Mrs. JoAnn C. Furman
Mrs. Gloria E. Giunta
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Graham
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Ann Greening
Ms. Diane Gunsolley
Mrs. Jo Ann Hendrickson
Mrs. Glenda Humphreys
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Huninghake
Mrs. Mary Ruth Jaggard
Mrs. Mary E. Johnson
Mr. Ambrose and Mrs. Jan Kelly
Mrs. Marian A. Kuhl
Mrs. Margaret Landis
Mr. Paul Lindstrom
Mr. Douglas Loveridge
Mrs. Carolyn McCaul
Mrs. Martha McGrath
Rev. and Mrs. Jay D. McKell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Minter
Mrs. Zoe S. Moore
Ms. Bonnie Morgan
Ms. Eleanor A. Nelson
Mrs. Sharon R. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ray
Ms. Norma J. Reiman
Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Schuler
Ms. Deborah Shuck
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Darla Thompson
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Wilda Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Walter
Rev. William M. Walter
Mr. William L. Ward
Mr. Edward Weger
Mrs. Ethel Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weldy
Mrs. Mary Wilmoth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wilson

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