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Backyard barbecuers compete in Kansas City

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Scott Price's barbecue ribs.[/caption]

So, we all are passionate about one thing or another, but how many of us can say we are actually fulfilling that passion? Scott Price, one of Aberdeen Village’s maintenance technicians, is doing just that.

For many years Scott was a backyard cook who enjoyed coming together with his friends and family over some good barbecue. Many of them kept telling Scott and a few of his close friends how good their barbecue was, and they began to think they could take their passion for grilling and cooking to a different level: competition barbecue.

Scott started volunteering with the American Royal World Series of Barbecue more than 15 years ago. The American Royal livestock show and rodeo has taken place in Kansas City since 1899; the barbecue event is held at the Kansas Speedway over Labor Day weekend. While volunteering, Scott met people who shared his passion, and he learned about the competitive world of barbecue. About eight years ago Scott and his crew made the switch from volunteering to open competition. His team is the Disciples of Blues & BBQ. Their team motto is “we out fun everyone.” In this year’s contest, Scott and his Disciples competed in sausage, chicken, brisket, ribs, pork and turkey.

Scott and his crew prove that you can take a passion and do so much with it!

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