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Case manager Renee Schoonover finds process ensures success

In her role as case manager for Aberdeen Village Presbyterian Manor, Renee Schoonover has the opportunity to use process to ensure the best results for residents and clients.

“We have a really good process,” Renee said. “We have an admissions director, and they’re in contact with the hospital before admission. The director of nursing looks over everything and approves it and works with the hospital for admission. The assistant director also has weekly meetings to discuss any concerns about the discharge plan for short-term or rehabilitation patients. There is a lot of discussion and communication.”

She also helps develop a plan for residents to determine what level of care they’ll require once they return home. This entails handling both the paperwork for reimbursement from Medicare and the logistics to ensure success for the residents after their stay in the Aberdeen Village community.

“I think this is important, because we want them to be successful when they get home,” she said. “We don’t want them to fall and end up in the hospital again. We want them to be as strong and healthy as possible to succeed at home.”

That plan for success begins before a short-term resident ever arrives at Aberdeen Village. Early on, there’s a care conference to map out a plan that includes all aspects of patient care. Representatives from social services, dining, case management and nursing all get together with family members and the patient to discuss the details.

“Normally, this is a face-to-face meeting,” Renee said. “But now we’re doing it over the phone.”

The family provides input and important personal details about the incoming resident that help aid in the personalized care plan. From there, staff determines benchmarks for progress as well as bigger goals. Throughout the process, the team meets with family members to chart progress.

“We do a lot of teamwork,” Renee said. “A lot of conversation, and a lot of input from people for these decisions.”

When she’s not working at Aberdeen Village, Renee enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, ages 7 and 10. They spend a lot of time on the water, swimming or fishing off the dock at their lake house. Renee also enjoys walks and bike rides with “my boys.”

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