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Cheers to everyone who made Octoberfest a success!

Aberdeen Village held a wonderful Octoberfest event for guests to visit our lovely campus and taste some of our delicious food.

We want to thank everyone for helping pull off such a fun event. We all worked together as a team and your assistance was appreciated! The dining staff outdid themselves with delicious German fare. Thank you to Jeff and Becky and everyone in dining!  

Phil worked so hard to get apartments cleaned for us so that we could show them and they looked beautiful. The whole maintenance team worked hard helping us get apartments and our campus ready to show.

Thank you to Cory, Scott, Frank, Hailu and Gator. Sandy decorated the Cappuccino room like a German pub and served drinks during the event. Diane led some fun activities with German words and name that tune. Lauren helped out in so many ways from putting together takeaway gifts, to painting an Aberdeen Village pumpkin and helping take pictures. Janelle helped with the photo booth. Liz helped us give tours and greet people. Luke helped with tours also and cleaning up after the event. Linda helped Sandy with drinks in the German pub. Tim helped greet people and led tours for people to see apartments. Heather helped us take people on tours to apartments. Our resident ambassadors were a tremendous help. Thank you to Sandy Wohlford, Esther Minter, Ed Weger and Aileen Moise for welcoming our guests and spending time with them during the event.

Thank you to all of our residents for being so patient and understanding as we hosted an event and welcomed guests into your home! A great time was had by all and we appreciate every one of you from the bottom of our hearts!

Aberdeen Village Marketing Team (Stephanie Oehlert, David Meyer and Cheryl Larson from Corporate)

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