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Collections for Comfort

Aberdeen Village employee starts “Bedding for Fur-Babies” to help animals at shelter

As Terri Schoonover was gathering old linens to donate to the Olathe Animal Shelter for comfortable animal beds, it occurred to her that others could be seeking a good use for used bedding.

It was then that Terri, administrative services assistant at Aberdeen Village, decided to start “Bedding for Fur-Babies.”

“I put a note in our “Friday Flyer” asking independent living residents for old sheets, blankets and towels they were going to discard during spring cleaning,” she said. “Aberdeen now donates worn linens that are trash-bound, too.”

As part of the initiative, Aberdeen Village residents and staff drop their old linens off to Terri at the front desk, and she takes the donations to the animal shelter every other Saturday on behalf of Aberdeen Village.

Within two months, Terri had already collected 10 large bags and three big boxes of linen donations.

“That makes for a lot of cozy beds!” she said.

“Bedding for Fur-Babies” is a great way to recycle old bedding, Terri said, and support an important community organization.

“Olathe Animal Shelter is a no-kill facility that helps so many rescued and abandoned cats and dogs,” she said. “As with many shelters, funding is stretched. Linen donation is any easy, no-cost way for our Aberdeen Village family to help furry friends AND keep trash-bound items from landing in Olathe’s landfill.”

Aberdeen residents and staff are happy to help.

“Aberdeen Village residents have big hearts,” Terri said, “and this is an easy way for anyone interested to help make a big difference.”

It does make a big difference for the animals.

“I am a passionate dog lover and think “fur-babies” deserve a comfortable bed while awaiting adoption,” she said.

In the future, Terri would like to create a self-sufficient tiny home community for veterans and first responders who could foster shelter dogs and train them to provide therapy for sick or disabled children and seniors.

Until then, she will continue to help the Olathe Animal Shelter and gather more support.

“Thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed bedding to date,” she said. “Severe weather events and seasonal changes impact the shelter’s needs as displaced animals are cared for. I will continue to collect and deliver donations.”

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