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Donors give back to caregivers

Kenneth Gitobu demonstrates the benefits of the massage chair donated to the community by a resident’s family.

Under the best of circumstances, the long hours and hard work of caring for Aberdeen Village residents can be stressful and physically demanding. In a pandemic that requires even more effort and asks more of a limited staff, the strain has grown exponentially.

Thanks to the generosity of a resident’s family members, team members can now enjoy a short massage break during their shift.

“The family called our executive director and asked how they can give back to all the caregivers that are keeping their loved one safe during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Human Resources Director Kenneth Gitobu. “Our executive director had entertained the thought of a massage chair after we set up the recovery room during the earlier part of the pandemic. So when the family member asked what we thought staff would appreciate the most, he mentioned what we were thinking of buying one for staff.”

The massage chair resides in the staff recovery room. Employees can sign up for 30 minute slots throughout the day and night. Along with the chair, the room includes a selection of complimentary refreshments for staff members.

Kenneth said the staff have made good use of the gift and have expressed gratitude for the chance to escape the daily stress of work, even momentarily.

“Staff was very excited when we set up the chair,” Kenneth said. The chair’s usage has been higher than he expected, he added.

“It’s a zero gravity, full body massage chair, with four settings: shiatsu, kneading, flapping and knocking,” he said. “It comes with air pressure massage for the arms and legs, and the leg section has roller massage for the bottom of the feet. It also has a heating function.”

According to Kenneth, the chair has garnered glowing reviews. Some employees have commented that it’s nice to get a foot massage after standing all day, and the chair helps relieve neck and back tension.

Thanks to our generous donors for all they do to make Aberdeen Village such a wonderful community to live and work in. Our employees are incredibly grateful for this generous gift, and we can assure you that they’ll be making good use of it.

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