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Family legacy ties residents Pat Rulon and Gary Keller to Aberdeen Village

When choosing a senior living community, not everyone has the advantage of experiencing the community as the adult child of a resident. That’s been the case for current residents Pat Rulon and Gary Keller, whose mothers not only lived at Aberdeen Village but were also friends!

The second-generation residents have since followed in their parents’ footsteps. Pat lost her mother in 2016 and Gary lost his in 2013. Both say there was little question they’d move to Aberdeen Village when the time came.

“We lived about five miles away and mother living here made it a very easy decision,” said Rulon. “My husband and I also spent time at the rehab facility here, so there was no question this was the right place for us.”

Keller had a similar experience.

“We looked at a few other places for my mother and the shoe fit here,” he recalled. “The shoe still fits.”

Keller has fond memories of the wonderful artistic creations his mother crafted, including art made from ostrich and goose eggs. He remembered fondly her ability to make friends with just about anyone.

 Rulon said her mother felt safe at Aberdeen Village and she does as well.

And the legacy continues as both residents have granddaughters who now work at Aberdeen Village.

Please join us in celebrating these two second-generation Aberdeen Village residents!

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