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Feeding hearts and souls

Twice a year, the residents of Aberdeen Village gather food to donate to Covenant Presbyterian Church. These food drives help ensure that those in the community who need sustenance can find it. Rev. Bill Walter has helped coordinate these community outreach efforts for years and encourages Aberdeen Village residents to give generously once more during the week of January 27 through February 3rd.  He feels strongly about the need to help others, and Pastor Kirk Perucca of Covenant Presbyterian is glad he does.

"I don’t know about you, but I’ve never experienced hunger. I mean real hunger where there wasn’t enough food in the house for us to eat. I can only imagine what it’s like to look in the cupboard or refrigerator and see that you have nothing to eat, nothing to feed yourself or your children.

“It may be that you were very sick for two days and missed work, and the paycheck was short, and the rent and the repairs to the car had to be made, and then there isn’t food. What do you do?

“Fortunately, in the neighborhood around 60th and Swope Parkway, there is a place that welcomes you with a warm greeting and provides food for your family. And it’s done without accusatory words, 'What do you need, why are you here?' but instead, 'We’re glad to see you. How are you?' It’s a place where people know your name. We give dignity, respect and food, with care.

“At Aberdeen Village, the food you give provides food directly to members and neighbors of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Your food makes it possible for moms to have food to feed their children, older adults to supplement their food, and provides healthy items for hungry folks.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations to this important ministry. We are grateful."

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