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Fun Activities for Long-Term Care Residents and Caretakers to Enjoy Together

Caring for a loved one living in a long-term care community can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy your time together. It’s true that long-term residents may have some limitations, but there are still plenty of activities you can do together. You just need to get a little creative. The long-lasting memories you’re bound to make by spending time together will be well worth it.

To help you get started, here are four fun activities for long-term care residents and their caregivers to do together.

Stroll Around the Park Together

Taking a stroll together is good exercise and gives you the chance to talk to your loved one and reminisce about the past. Fortunately, Olathe is home to numerous great parks, such as Lake Olathe Park, Arrowhead Park and Veterans Memorial Park. Depending on your loved one’s level of physical activity, you may need to start slowly until they can build their stamina. You should also consider taking along a walker or wheelchair to make the trip less exhausting for your loved one. If you don’t want to leave our Aberdeen Village grounds, you’ll find plenty of walking paths on our 35-acre campus that are great for taking a stroll.


According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, there are over 45 million bird watchers across the country, and for good reason. Bird watching can help alleviate stress and anxiety, lift your mood and, most importantly, form a hobby that you and your loved one can do together. It’s best to go bird watching early in the morning when the birds are most active. You’ll find plenty of bird species right here on our Aberdeen Village campus, but you can also travel to one of the numerous parks in the city, such as the Prairie Center Nature Reserve. Be sure to bring binoculars and a camera, and you may want to consider bringing a wheelchair or walker as well.

Community Events

Community events offer plenty of fun and food and can be a great way to spend a day with your loved one. You can participate in one of the many community events we host right here at Aberdeen Village. This option provides an excellent opportunity to spend time creating memories with your loved one while also meeting their new friends and on-site caretakers. If you’re hoping to take your loved one out for the day, you’ll find plenty of fairs, festivals and special events held throughout the city, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Oktoberfest or the Olathe Arts Festival.

Visit a Museum

Taking a trip to a local museum is another great way to spend time with your loved one. There are a variety of museums here in Olathe, including the Mahaffie Stagecoach Shop and Farm Historic Site and Ensor Park and Museum, and many options in nearby Kansas City. Talk to your loved one about what types of museums they may be interested in visiting, such as automotive history, cultural arts or natural history. While most museums are ideal for wheelchairs because they are easy to navigate, it’s recommended to contact the museum ahead of time to make sure they have a handicap-accessible entrance and restrooms.

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