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Get outside!

The weather is getting nicer, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy the clean air. You can grab a friend and go to a park or even just take a walk around Aberdeen Village. Here is an idea for a fun little picnic in a jar to bring with you. It’s always fun to have a change of scenery. Walk for a while, enjoy your picnic, then walk back!

Picnic in a Jar

To make a picnic in a jar. Cut the rim off of a small plastic container. You can use a Glad Mini Round container that holds 1/2 cup (4 oz) or any small plastic container that will fit inside your mason jar. Put a cookie or two in the bottom of the jar and cover them with a circle of parchment paper. Add chips to the top of the parchment paper. Assemble a sandwich making sure that it will fit into the mouth of the jar. You can use French bread or just regular bread cut to fit your jar, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato slices to make a sandwich or anything you like. Cover the sandwich with plastic wrap and set it on top of the chips. Fill the small plastic container with salad or fruit. Set the container of salad on top of the sandwich and put the lid on the jar.

Bring a long a small plastic for and you are all set!

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