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Give a warm welcome to resident Shari Rolph

Since making the move to Aberdeen Village in July, independent living resident Shari Rolph has found an environment filled with warm, friendly, helpful people.

“It’s great,” Shari said. “Everyone is so friendly. Everyone is so nice, and the staff is terrific. They’ve been so helpful.”

Before joining our family at Aberdeen Village, Shari lived in another senior community in St. Charles, Mo. Originally, she planned to make the move in September, but as COVID-19 temporarily retreated during the summer, she decided it would be a good idea to move up the date.

“I’ll sure be glad when COVID is over,” she said. “But it’s something we all have to live with.”

Her family, including husband Ed and their four children, moved to St. Louis in 1972. Their children all went to the University of Missouri.

“Ed and I were from Ohio, so we were Buckeyes,” Shari said. “It was hard for us to not send the kids there.”

With two children living in Kansas, Shari said it made sense to make the move to Aberdeen Village. Her 15 grandchildren — ranging in age from 25 to 37 — are scattered throughout seven different states.

Her husband built a career as a systems engineer for IBM, which provided the opportunity to travel. It’s something they continued well into retirement.

“We took 10 trips to Europe and went to Florida for 19 winters so we didn’t have snow,” Shari said. “I said years ago that I didn’t care if the last snow I ever saw was on a Christmas card, but we’ve had several since then.”

She particularly liked visiting the island of Bermuda.

“It has seasons similar to South Carolina, so you don’t want to go there in the winter time,” Shari said. “But it’s a beautiful island and so clean. It was really something. I wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s a great place to visit.”

Ed developed Alzheimer’s disease and moved to a memory care unit before passing on in 2015. That’s when Shari made the move to a retirement community in St. Charles. Now, at the age of “85 going on 110,” Shari is glad to be closer to her children. She’s also looking forward to finding some new volunteer opportunities in the assisted living campus.

Let’s be sure to give a warm Aberdeen Village welcome to our new friend Shari.

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