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Home Sweet Aberdeen Village

When Sharon Nelson and her family began the process of looking for the right community for her and her husband Franklin in 2016, they took a methodical approach.

"My daughter made a big spreadsheet with all of the different options. We were living in Topeka at the time, but my son and daughter live in the Kansas City area and wanted us closer to them. My husband's health wasn't good, and we'd seen our parents make the decision to seek additional care when they got to that point, so we wanted to do the same," said Sharon.

After considering all of their needs and desires, and visiting many communities, Sharon and Franklin chose Aberdeen Village.

"I really like it here, especially the continual care aspect. My husband needed to be in the healthcare area, and I was in the independent living area. But we were under the same roof," said Sharon.

Unfortunately, Franklin passed away in January 2017. Sharon was once again faced with some big life decisions.

"I briefly considered moving back to my home in Topeka, but the reasons we'd moved here hadn't changed. I knew at some point I would need continual care, and I had a knee replacement, so I was able to use the rehab program here and do physical therapy," said Sharon. "And Aberdeen had become my family. I got spoiled having my meals cooked and my apartment cleaned. I wanted to stay here."

We're glad Sharon chose to continue calling Aberdeen Village home. She enjoys many activities and is a regular face at pool exercise sessions, Bible study, art class and more.

"People enjoy socializing here, and everyone is so friendly. When your birthday comes around, everyone sends you cards, and when someone is in rehabilitation, everyone visits. I'm happy about my choice, and I love the people here."

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