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I'm an Older Adult. What Does Long-Term Care Look Like for Me?

Life isn't always easy to predict, especially as you get older, but living at Aberdeen Village gives you more flexibility no matter what your later years bring. As a life plan community, Aberdeen Village offers a continuum of care, from Independent Living to Long-Term Care. That means residents can transition easily to different care levels as needed without leaving the familiarity of the overall community. Find out more about what Long-Term Care might look like for you.

What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC), also called a life plan community, combines multiple care levels for seniors into one campus. The care levels often include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled or Long-Term Care. You'll usually find each living style in a separate area or neighborhood within the larger community. However, all care levels are easily accessible, and residents can move within the community as their care requirements change. It can make life planning for seniors easier, knowing they can find all the support they need in one community.

Benefits of a CCRC

Choosing a CCRC like Aberdeen Village comes with several perks. If you're deciding if a life plan community is right for you, consider these benefits:

  • Maintenance-free living: All levels of care offer maintenance-free living for carefree retirement years.
  • Access to more care: As you get older and your needs change, you have access to additional support to keep you safe and maintain your independence.
  • Familiarity: By staying on one campus for all levels of care, you remain in a familiar community where you've developed friendships and feel at home. If you start in an Assisted Living community without additional care levels, you'll have to move to a completely new community, which can make the transition more stressful.
  • Spouse flexibility: If you and your spouse have different care needs, you can still live within the same community and can spend lots of time together.

Levels of Support in a Life Plan Community

If you enter Aberdeen Village in the Independent Living neighborhood, you have several additional levels you can move through if you need extra support. In fact, no matter where you start on the continuum, you can move up or down to different care levels if your requirements change. You might need Skilled Nursing Care temporarily while you recover from an injury or medical event, for instance. The care options include:

  • Assisted Living: If you need a little support with routine tasks, such as personal care, medication management and housekeeping, Assisted Living could be a suitable option for you. It allows you to maintain your independence while receiving the customized support you need to make life easier and keep you safe.
  • Memory Care: As you get older, you might experience memory issues. In the Memory Care neighborhood, residents have access to secure indoor and outdoor spaces with 24-hour supervision. They also participate in specialized programs, activities and therapies for people with memory loss.
  • Long-Term Care: Aberdeen Village also offers Long-Term Care, which can include Skilled Nursing Care when needed. This gives the greatest amount of support while encouraging as much independence as possible.

Services Available in Long-Term Care

When you move into the Long-Term Care neighborhood at Aberdeen Village, you receive individualized care planning based on your needs. Your care team will update the plan as required if your situation changes. Some services available in Long-Term Care include:

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Assistance with personal care, such as getting dressed and going to the bathroom
  • Medication management
  • Restorative nursing
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Transportation for appointments

You also have access to the community amenities, which include an indoor pool, library, fitness center and outdoor patio.

FAQs About Long-Term Care

The following FAQs about Long-Term Care can help you better understand your options.

What Are Long-Term Care Accommodations Like?
At Aberdeen Village, Long-Term Care residents can choose between private and semiprivate rooms. If you select a semiprivate room, you get an individual bedroom area with a closet and a half bath, which you share with the other person. Private accommodations include a bedroom, half bath, closet and storage area.

Should I Choose Assisted Living or Long-Term Care?
Assisted Living and Long-Term Care both offer support, but Long-Term Care can also provide Skilled Nursing services for residents. Choosing between the two depends largely on how much support you need. Assisted Living is limited to help primarily with personal care tasks, housekeeping and medication management. If you require medical support, Long-Term Care could be a better fit.

For additional information, explore more Long-Term Care FAQs.

Come See for Yourself What Continuing Care Looks Like

Aberdeen Village offers a full spectrum of care, from Independent Living to Long-Term Care. No matter what level of support you need right now and in the future, you can find it here. Our caring staff is prepared to help you transition to higher levels of support if required. Schedule a tour today to see if Aberdeen Village feels like home to you.

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