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Kay Collins staying on track at Aberdeen Village

For nearly 40 years, Kay and her husband Frank helped keep the trains on the right track with their work at BNSF railroad.

She worked as a clerk, making sure the trains heading out on the east and west lines knew where to go. Frank, working as a switchman, would take the instructions from the clerks and place the trains on the right path.

“He had 44 years and I had 33 years,” Kay said. “It was a pretty good career, and a great retirement. I thank God for it every day.”

At the end of March, both Frank and Kay relocated to Aberdeen Village. They had previously lived on the Lake of Ozarks and in nearby Mission, Kansas for the past six years.

Frank’s health recently worsened, forcing another move for him. But despite the challenges, Kay has found many reasons to feel blessed in our community.

“I’ve had so many blessings,” she said. “The women here have been marvelous. The people here are so caring. Diane, the chaplain and Janelle, the social worker have really offered me support and prayer. I just love them both. It’s nice to have someone to lean on.”

She’s also thankful to have much of her family nearby, and to be able to enjoy weekly dinners with them.

“I have four granddaughters,” Kay said. “We get together every Wednesday. We choose a different restaurant and have dinner together, once a week. That’s really nice. We’re a close-knit family.”

She also enjoys the view from her apartment, which faces the lake - and reminds her of their home at Lake of Ozarks, where they lived for 15 years.

“It’s beautiful,” she said. “They keep the grounds so nice. It’s relaxing to sit on the deck.”

When they lived on the lake, Frank used to renovate old cars, including a 1950 Plymouth that won a number of top awards at area car shows.

“Then he had a Mercury that he renovated, and made a few dollars on that,” Kay said. “Most of the time you don’t make money, you just have fun. Sept. 2nd is our 61st wedding anniversary. It’s amazing. Oftentimes I would tell him he’d better get out in that garage and save our marriage.”

Now in her spare time, Kay reads a number of “nonsense romance” books, and plays word games on her Kindle Fire and computer.

Luckily, if she encounters an issue, she can call on Nate, who works in the life enrichment department, to help her out.

“At his leisure time,” Kay said. “When he doesn’t have to drive somebody around or lead a game.”

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