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Love is in the air

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From left, Dolores Patton and Ed Reynolds.[/caption]

An open heart and mind, along with the willingness to explore new possibilities, is exactly what brought Ed Reynolds and Dolores Patton together. Ed and his first wife moved to Aberdeen Village in February 2013. She had Alzheimer’s and succumbed to that disease in 2015.

It was also 2015 when Dolores moved to Aberdeen Village after the passing of her husband. One evening Dolores and a few of her friends were putting a puzzle together, and she invited Ed to join in. After that they began spending more and more time together until Ed realized “my feelings had changed for Dolores from just a friend to something more.”

When you ask Ed and Dolores what attracted them to each other, you get a very similar answer. “It’s his personality for sure,” said Dolores. “He is a loving man, very forgiving, kind, and just a gentle man.”

It was Dolores’s personality that drew Ed to her as well. “She has such a bright smile. She is so positive and is a happy, happy person. She’s probably the most tenderhearted person I have ever met. It is pretty hard not to love her.”

On July 30, 2017, 80 Aberdeen residents, friends and family of Ed and Dolores came together to celebrate their coming together in marriage. The Rev. Larry Thornton officiated the ceremony.

“The love between us is going to be forever,” said Dolores. Ed added, “We both were married for most of our lives. It just feels right to be sharing our lives with someone again.” Ed and Dolores’ advice to others is to keep an open heart and mind and be willing to explore new possibilities because you never know what they may bring.

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