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Memories of summer fun!

Now that the warmer temperatures are here to stay, our minds drift back to fun memories of summers gone by. Our residents have had many adventures, and they share a few of them here:

“We recently had retired, our kids were all doing well, so Marilyn and I began in the summer of 1994 on our 9,600 mile, six-week-long road trip from North Carolina to western Canada and US in our steel tent (conversion van).” - Keith and Marilyn Graham

“Walking to the library to give a report on a book I had read.” - Carolyn McCaul

“My favorite summer memory is when I went sailing on a restored three-masted schooner from New Bellingham to Vancouver chasing the whales.” - Ed Duman

“Being outside and doing gardening and yard work. I love it!” - Iona Thrailkill

“Spending my summers on the family farm.” - Mary Ruth Jaggard

“Spending time on a sailboat and hearing the sound of small waves slapping up against the hull of the boat.” - Carolyn Simmons

“I rode a boat through the rapids of Denali River, Alaska.” - Bill Walter

“I was 12 years old and my parents decided I was old enough to take the train from Salina, Kan., to St. Louis to see my grandparents.” - Georgie Bundschuh

“I remember taking the train with my sister to visit our relatives in Illinois and spending the summer with them on their farm.” - Kay Benjamin

“My marriage on June 7, 1952. It was so hot, but it didn’t matter.” - Mary Johnson

“I spent one summer salmon fishing in Alaska.” - Butch Gordon

“I loved spending my summers swimming.” - Mary Lou Niebling

“When the kids piled into the car, and we were off to New Jersey where my husband’s family lived. Warren would get sick of the highway and announce it was time for the scenic route. The kids would groan and then laugh because we would end up getting ice cream or something good, and then we would all end up at the ocean with some of the Graham clan. It was real vacation time!” - Ginny Graham

“I enjoyed golfing, planting trees and meeting with some of my guy friends at the golf club house.” - John Evans

“I loved to swim in the summer time.” - Mary Jo Evans

“Spending a day with my family at the lake.” - Sharon Nelson

“Donkey riding.” - Beth Riner

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