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My favorite hobby: the joys of penning a letter

When Carolyn McCaul was growing up with four older sisters, their father suggested each of his girls collect an item as a hobby. Would you believe Carolyn chose ash trays? They were quite a popular item back in the 1930s, but that hobby didn’t last forever for Carolyn.

It wasn’t until 1947, when Carolyn’s company transferred her from California to Kansas City, that she realized how much she enjoyed writing letters to the family and friends she had left behind. Years later, when her children went to colleges in Dallas, Tulsa and Kansas, she always wrote to them and was rewarded with replies.

“I still very much enjoy communicating with my friends and family that are now in Fargo, Chicago and Lawrence, but rather than using my computer, I pull out the trusty old pen and paper and get to writing,” Carolyn said. “I think it gives me more pleasure to put the pen to paper to express my feelings of love and happiness, and I know my friends and family enjoy receiving handwritten letters and cards from me.”

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