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New residents didn’t waste time finding fun

It didn’t take long for residents Ron and Carly Swenson to latch onto fun ways to fill their days at Aberdeen Village.

“We jumped into a number of activities,” Carly said. “I did the water class, but my body complained. But I’ve been involved with the library, worked with plants, and we’re planning a fashion show.”

The couple moved in on May 26, and soon after they found their way around - and into a world of activity - or found ways to create some fun of their own.

“We started a word of the day activity,” Carly said. “We post a word by the elevator on each floor, and see if people notice it and hopefully start using it.”

Starting new things isn’t new for the couple.

Ron and Carly met at Ottawa University 58 years ago, and have been together since. Along the way, they have jumped into numerous adventures.

They started a celebration of culture festival in Lawrence, which celebrated all the culture and origin of KU students from around the world.

“We featured food from their home countries, as well as music and dance,” Carly said. “It was very interesting - and also helpful for the Lawrence locals to get an image of where all the KU students came from and the cultures they lived with.”

In their later years, the couple worked their way into managing estate and rummage sales. It began as a way to help friends who were looking to winnow down their possessions later in life - and later morphed into something a little more formal and involved.

“That was interesting, to get to see the treasures people brought home from their travels,” Carly said. “Estate sales weren’t only interesting, it was interesting to hear people’s stories.”

Ron and Carly also enjoyed the opportunity to travel throughout their lives - including a tour of England, Germany, France, and Switzerland while they visited a son stationed in England. Their two favorite locations in the U.S. were Hawaii and Sedona, Arizona.

Since making the move to Aberdeen Village, the couple hasn’t lacked for ways to fill their days. They are avid readers, and have enjoyed the chance to join in with different game groups around the community.

And if Carly can’t find Ron, she generally knows where to look.

“He’s probably out on the patio,” Carly said. “We don’t have any plants yet, but I’m laying plans since it’s our first year here. I’m talking to others who have flowers on the patio.”

Even before making the move to Aberdeen Heights, Carly was making friends with other residents.

‘When we were touring, every resident we met spoke to us, including Evelyn who waters the plants here,” Carly said. “We met Duane at the same time - everyone spoke to us. They make you feel at home almost immediately.”

Carly retired from teaching in 1993, and Ron is a retired computer programmer - who helped develop testing for special needs students through the Kansas Department of Education.

They have seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Be sure to give a warm welcome to Ron and Carly!

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