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‘Remote’ visitors raise spirits of residents

Music always has a way of lifting spirits.

When resident Rebecca Ann Chaikin’s family came by for a “socially distant” visit, they took the opportunity to lend their voices to everyone in the Aberdeen Village community.

“They sang multiple songs while walking along the pond pathway by Independent Living,” said Life Enrichment Director Sandy Barnes. “They also sang on the main entrance to Independent Living, so they were able to reach more residents.”

The impromptu concert lasted about 20 minutes on each side of the Independent Living campus. The music drew residents out to their balconies.

“They were clapping and singing along and telling the singers thank you for coming,” Barnes said. “The inside was abuzz about the singers, and it seemed to perk up the whole day for everyone.”

More recently, other members of Rebecca’s family, including her children and grandchildren, visited again for another round. The family regularly sings in church and for retirement communities in an effort to bring the joy of music to others.

Barnes said anyone who is interested in bringing signs, music, or other talents to the community should contact her to make arrangements. This will help ensure that the gifts can be shared with as many residents as possible. She can be reached at or by calling 913-599-6100.

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