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Resident holiday traditions: Povitica and Kolaches

Everyone has their favorite memories of holiday traditions that span over generations. That holds true for Rose Klusman and Iona Thrailkill, independent living residents at Aberdeen Village.

As we sat and visited about those traditions it was fun to see smiles light up their faces. Both ladies enjoyed more of a traditional holiday get together. There was gift giving and a big dinner. Midnight mass services were attended and then they cooked and set up late into the night to insure they had everything ready for their holiday.

Iona remembers how her mother would make a poppy seed Kolache. It was always a favorite at their holiday get togethers. A Kolache is a classic Czechoslovakian pastry. It can have fruit or cheese in it.

Rose has fond memories of her mother making Povitica, an Eastern European dessert bread. Rose then herself carried on that tradition and made it for her holiday gatherings. Today, she doesn’t make it anymore but she still enjoys that holiday tradition of having Povitica, she lets someone else do the hard work and has been picking up Povitica at Strawberry Hill, a Slavic bakeshop with an open kitchen.

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