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Restorative therapy helps with daily life

For Trisha Bahr, director of rehabilitation with Aegis Therapies®, the role of physical therapy in overall health can’t be stressed enough.

“Performing daily activities and participating in continued exercise is so important to overall health,” Trisha said. “If we stop using a skill or activity, we’re at a higher risk of losing that ability.  The more we can do for ourselves now will allow us to maintain our current environment or living situation without needing help later in life.”

Restorative therapy is any sort of continued exercise or program designed to keep someone active — be that physically or mentally. Through the use of restorative therapy, a resident can experience physical and mental improvements that can help extend an individual's ability to keep performing basic daily tasks.

Because the therapy needs to focus on the individual, Trisha said each plan is tailored to the person.

“Every person’s treatment plan is individualized,” she said. “Every program looks different, whether it’s in assisted living or independent living. Restorative therapy is really seen mostly in the health care setting, in group exercise classes, walking with staff to and from the dining room, and doing as much for yourself as possible.”

In addition to restorative therapy, Aegis offers a wide spectrum of services that can help residents maintain independence and enjoy a high quality of life.

“We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy as outpatient services,” Trisha said. “We can help people regain function after an illness, improve comprehension, problem solving, balance issues, pain management, urinary incontinence, low vision adaptation, and much more.”

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