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Staff members share ideas on path to self-improvement

The path to self-improvement is a very personal one – with everyone looking inward to determine the best way forward. Each of us must identify our strengths and weaknesses and think about the tools that can best help us move to a better place.

To help us better understand the various approaches to self-improvement, we asked our staff to share some of their insights, observations, and tools they hope to leverage to continue their personal journey.

Lauren Keller - Concierge

Mindfulness – It is too often that I leave little time for me to focus on my own thoughts and feelings as well as what my body and environment are telling me. I feel working on my mindfulness will help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as aid in planning for further acts of self-improvement.  

David Meyer – Sales & Admissions Counselor

I’d have to go with fitness as my main focus. Finding a balance of time to go the gym has been difficult in recent years and leads to me not watching or caring as much about what I eat. Exercising would also give me focus on a better diet leading to overall physical and mental health.

Sandy Barnes – Life Enrichment Director

Everyone is always telling me that I am always thinking of others and what they want or need and not myself. So, I guess my biggest fault is not thinking of what I need and putting my needs and wants first for a change.  I have been trying this at times lately and have liked the outcome when I have done so. So, I am doing it a little more often.  But my family (especially my grandchildren) will always come first with me. This is just how I was raised by my Mom. She was my mentor and I learned a lot from her.  She always put others first and herself last.  She always was happy and I feel the same way.  I love seeing others have a good time like last week at “The Big Splash”.  All that work paid off to see everyone having a great time.

Liz Miller – Social Worker

I’d like to get back to running. I used to run a couple miles a few times a week, but have found it more challenging to do that recently. Running was something I hated when I was younger, but now I’ve found it’s not only a great way to exercise, but it’s an effective stress management tool too.

Kim Rawlings – Human Resources Director

Personally, right now, I am focused on healthy eating. I’m eating more vegetables and less carbs and sugar. And I’m also working on getting back to my daily walking routine. We’ll see how it goes! Why am I doing it? It gives me more energy and just overall makes me feel better.

Diane Gunsolley – Chaplain

Area of self-improvement:  reaching a healthy weight (and maintaining it)

Medical professionals tell us that there are many serious diseases and health conditions that come with being overweight. News flash…the professionals are right. In January, my doctor told me that I have osteoarthritis in my hip but if I lost ten pounds it would feel like I’d lost forty. Since January, I’ve lost 45 pounds and dropped from clinically obese to overweight. My body pain has reduced tremendously and my energy has increased. I’m committed to getting down to a healthy weight and am taking it “one-day-at-a-time.” Today, I swung by Saver’s thrift store on my way to work and donated four garbage bags full of clothes.  I’ve removed all the plus-size clothing from my wardrobe which is way more satisfying than swinging by Dairy Queen for a hot fudge sundae.

Stephanie Oehlert – Sales & Marketing Director

My biggest area for self-improvement is that I want to make sure I am eating healthier. I have Type 2 Diabetes and it is very important to get weight under control and exercise but also to make sure I am monitoring what I eat and especially that I am not eating too many carbs. Fortunately for me I happen to love most healthy food. I just also happen to love food that isn’t healthy. So, I just have to make sure to concentrate on eating more of the healthy food and eating other things in moderation, or just on special occasions. Keeping track of it all for me has helped. But, it’s something I always strive to improve!

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Staff Self-Improvement Photo Caption: Left to Right Front Row: Lauren Keller, Liz Miller, Kim Rawlings, Diane Gunsolley. Back Row: Sandy Barnes, Stephanie Oehlert, David Meyer

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