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Summer winds down with a Big Splash

There’s no reason to let the summer heat get you down - especially when it’s a great opportunity to throw a big party.

“I was thinking in June what could we do this summer to really get the residents and staff outside to have some fun, and I saw that there were a lot of communities having outside events that were including water,” said Life Enrichment Director Sandy Barnes. “So, I asked my executive director Tim Allin if I could do a Water Park Fun Day?  He said it sounded like a lot of fun.”

After working with clinical staff to ensure the event would be safe and fun, the celebration planning moved ahead full steam!

Toward the end of July, everything was in place: water guns, blow-up flamingos, bubbles, squeeze squirt bottles, rubber duckies and of course, water balloons. The Calypso Bluz band came to play summer hits, and the Kona Ice Truck served snow cones to keep everyone cool.

Staff came up with a variety of fun games, including tossing a ping pong ball inside a cup atop a floating flamingo, shooting towers of cups with a water gun, and spinning targets with a water stick. The games were a big hit, and we enjoyed watching residents celebrate summer.

“There were multiple beach balls and water balloons being tossed around all afternoon while everyone was enjoying their Kona Ice or the sliced watermelon that was also being served,” Sandy said. “There was so much happening with winning prizes while playing the games nobody wanted to leave when it was time to shut down. We had a perfect day for it and will remember the day that we were let outside to be kids once again.”

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