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Supporting your spiritual needs

By Chaplain Diane Gunsolley

Whether you are with us for just a few weeks receiving rehabilitation services in Aberdeen Plaza or you consider Aberdeen Village your permanent home, I pray for God’s rich blessing on your time here.

My name is Diane Gunsolley. As full-time chaplain, I lead the spiritual care department, which includes volunteers living here as well as community volunteers and local clergy. We are here to come alongside you on your faith journey with ministry as unique as you are. The key question is: What spiritual practices are important to you?

If you value attending a Sunday service, come to Aberdeen Family Church. We offer two services upholding the worship of God and unity among Christians of all faith backgrounds. In addition to these services, we offer weekly Roman Catholic services and simulcast both the Sunday services at Village Presbyterian Church and the College Church of the Nazarene.

If you enjoy Christian fellowship and studying the Word of God, we provide weekly opportunities to cultivate our relationships with God and our neighbors.

If you seek spiritual direction or encouragement, we offer one-on-one ministry.  We also arrange for sacramental ministry in line with your faith tradition as well as spiritual guidance, including end-of-life and other spiritually linked decisions.

If you desire to connect with your home church, we serve as liaison with your faith community.

If you value your alone time with God, check out our libraries for Christian fiction and nonfiction material. You can take advantage of the variety of religious TV programing including #291 the Global Catholic Network, #288 Daystar, #290 TBN, and many music channels from hymns to soothing instrumental music.

If you would like to join with others who can relate to special needs, we offer four monthly support groups: Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, Low Vision Support Group, Dementia Care Partners Support Group, and Settling In (for those in their first year at Aberdeen Village Independent Living).

If you long to serve God here, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities, and there is a spot that’s just right for you. Start giving your time and you’ll begin to see God bless you and the people of Aberdeen Village through you.

If you need to know the specific times and locations of spiritual activities, check out the monthly calendars, Friday Flyers and our in-house TV channels. Connect with Chaplain Diane through her direct line 913-890-6474 or by requesting a pastoral visit through nursing staff.

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