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Teamwork is the key ingredient in everything

For dining services assistant Ellen Markley, there has been a lot of joy in being part of the Aberdeen Village team.

“Being a team member, I get to be part of meeting the high standards in my area,” Ellen said. “That’s one of the most rewarding parts of my work.”

Each work day, Ellen is part of the team that helps prepare and deliver meals to residents - as well as help with the clean up once meal time has come to an end. Between meal times, she helps clean the kitchen and dining areas, and prep for the next meal.

“We all work together to make sure residents have three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Ellen said. “And we help ensure the residents have the highest quality of life in their Aberdeen Home.”

The work is rewarding but not without challenges. Ellen said the toughest part is finishing all the tasks in time to get meals ready and delivered in time. But as it all comes together, she finds great joy in her interactions.

“It’s a joy to serve my residents, and their friendship means a lot to me,” Ellen said. “They are part of my family, my second home.”

Ellen’s husband Richard said the community likewise sees the special relationship between Aberdeen Village, its employees, residents, and the community.

“When we go out shopping, to the grocery store and things like that, they notice Ellen’s uniform is on, and they complement her about what a wonderful place it is,” Richard said.
Outside of work, Ellen said she enjoys country music, and singing at home and at church. She also enjoys all the activities that bring residents happiness - including holidays, birthdays, and especially dressing up for Halloween, where she was able to show off her costume.

“It’s been a blessing to work for PMMA for seven years,” Ellen said. “I’ve had a lot of compliments about AV, a great place to live for seniors.”

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