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Thank a therapist!

National Therapy Week is Sept. 19-25, but we’re thankful all year-round for the exceptional members of our Aegis Therapies® team at Aberdeen Village.

Team member Trish Bahr, director of rehabilitation and certified physical therapy assistant, explains that therapy is an important tool to enhance quality of life and shorten the amount of time it takes to restore a patient to full independence after a surgery or accident.

Back row: Jen Jimboy, Jason Linblom, Marissa Schuett, and Heather Holbert
Front row: Rachel Peterson and Angie Kolich

“Therapy can provide a range of services, including but not limited to general strengthening, assistance with transfers, walking, helping with getting dressed and self-care and hygiene issues, pain management, memory, problem-solving, the ability to recall information, medication management, urinary incontinence, improving activity tolerance, breathing techniques, coping techniques for depression and anxiety with behavior modifications, and swallowing assistance,” Trish said. “Overall, the role of therapy is to provide improvement or modification to your normal routine to increase independence.”

The work a therapist does can help patients make changes to daily routines in order to realize the best health possible.

“Therapy helps improve the skills you use in your daily life and routines to allow for you to enjoy each day to its fullest. Sometimes therapy can restore you back to your prior level and sometimes we help you adapt to a new ‘normal,’” Trish said. “In therapy, we care about you and how you make progress. When you succeed, we succeed. If you meet a goal that betters your quality of life, it brings us joy as well.”

Aegis has eight team members on staff, all ready to help you live your best life: Trisha Bahr, DOR/CPTA; Jason Lindblom, certified occupational therapy assistant; Rachel Peterson, physical therpaist; Marissa Schuett, occupational therapist registered; Heather Holbert, speech language pathologist; Angela Kolich, physical therapy assistant (PTA); Shane Meadors, PTA; and Jen Jimboy, restorative aide.

If therapy is something that could help you, be sure to ask about the services offered by Aegis Therapies — and don’t forget to take a moment to thank the staff for all their great work.

“Letting a therapist know how much you appreciate what they have done to help you is the best reward we could ask for,” said Trish.

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