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Thank you, Matilda

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Matilda Rosenberg, social services director[/caption]

Matilda has been with Aberdeen Village for 10 years. Senior living has been Matilda's focus for the last 15 years, and prior to that she was a social worker in the home health field.

Early on in her career as a social worker Matilda worked with Russian resettlement. She assisted Russian immigrants with finding apartments, schools for their children and ensuring they had the proper documentation.

Social work just seemed to be the natural career choice for Matilda. Her own parents were immigrants to the United States, and while they became successful, they had their challenges.

Matilda said her parents found it difficult to navigate in their first years in this foreign country.

Social work has its share of challenges. Matilda feels the most prevalent ones are the dwindling resources and lack of funding.

When it comes to working with children of residents, her goal is to help normalize the process of aging and reduce guilt. Many adult children struggle with the realization that their parents are aging and the guilt that can come from helping a loved one move to a senior living community.

For Matilda, the best parts of being a social worker are getting to know who our residents are and talking with them.

“Social work is all about problem solving. I like that part of it; it’s like working a puzzle and making sure all of the pieces fit,” she said.

Matilda received a bachelor’s degree in social work from Portland State University and a master's degree in social work from the University of Kansas.

Matilda is such an important part of our team, and it is because of her passion to solve problems that our residents know, when they go to Matilda, she will take care of it.

Thank you, Matilda, for all that you do for our residents and our community!

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