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Aberdeen Village team offers reasons for thanks

With the Thanksgiving season upon us, we asked our leadership team to share a few of the things that make them grateful.

Tim Allin, executive director - "I'm grateful for two beautiful grandchildren that I get to play with all the time."

Heather Benney, director of nursing - "I am grateful for my health, happiness and friends in 2019."

Cory Gerner, director of environmental services - "I am grateful for my family and a roof over my head."

Kenneth Gitobu, human resources director - "I am grateful for working with a team of compassionate staff who takes pride in their job."

Diane Gunsolley, chaplain - "I am grateful for the God of new beginnings who gave my husband and I a cozy home within three blocks of our four grandchildren."

Linda Mwanzi, assisted living director - "I am grateful for the gift of life, family, health, friends and my job, too."

John Westmacott, accounting assistant - "I am grateful for a great place to work close to my grandchildren and the talented and nice people who work here."

Sandy Barnes, life enrichment director - "I am grateful for my family and my co-workers friendships."

Janelle Erickson, director of social services - "I am grateful that my kids are both happy, healthy and doing well."

Norma Kester, director of dining services - "I am grateful for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchild."

Stephanie Oehlert, director of marketing, assisted living and healthcare - "I am grateful for the good health and happiness of my family and the opportunity to work with such wonderful people."

Liz Miller, social worker - "I'm so grateful for my husband and son, the love of friends and family and the beautiful fall weather!"

Heather Holbert, occupational therapist - "I am grateful for my family, especially for my new grandson and that my parents are still here to enjoy their new great-grandson!"

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