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Valuing volunteers

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we have so many to highlight at Aberdeen Village! This time, we chose to shine the spotlight on a volunteer who brings hopeful harmony.

Every Sunday, Aberdeen Village residents are treated to the sweet sounds of musicians who donate their time and talents to provide familiar hymns and worship music. One such volunteer is Edwin Funkunaga, whose talent was recruited from Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church by Rev. Don Wilson.

“I play once a week at the 3 o'clock service. When I was asked by Rebecca, our music director at church, who’d been asked by Rev. Don Wilson to find someone to volunteer, I thought it would be a good fit. I’d been doing some other playing and accompanying with a church choir and other groups. I learn a lot from doing it and other people seem to appreciate it,” said Edwin.

Edwin has been playing piano since he was a child, and he also plays the violin and clarinet. He is the third generation of musicians in his family.

“My parents are both musicians, and my sister and brother-in-law are musicians and music teachers. His grandmother was an organist at her church as well,” said Edwin. “Classical is probably my favorite type of music to play, but I play a little bit of ragtime, too.”

We’re grateful to Edwin and to all the other musical volunteers who make Aberdeen Village an even better place to call home!

PHOTO: Pianist Edwin Funkunaga gives his time and talent as a volunteer performer at Aberdeen Village. We're grateful for his gift!

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