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Variety is the spice of life for in-house librarian

For resident librarian Zoe Moore, reading is an exercise in indulging different flavors.

“I’m one of those people who likes a variety of things,” Zoe said. “I like to read non-fiction, biographies, books about historical times. I like all kinds of fiction, including mysteries, but most of what I like in fiction is based on a historical period.”

Luckily, in her role as librarian, Zoe has access to a number of books that meet her varied interests — as well as those of other Aberdeen Village residents. The library features a wide selection of reading material, including paperbacks and large-print editions.

“The paperbacks are on the third floor, and I do not take care of that,” Zoe said. “I’m one of the ones who needs the large-print books.”

Zoe said that the library committee usually meets regularly to make decisions about managing the resource, but due to concerns about COVID, the meetings have been curtailed. Nowadays, she tidies up the library on her daily trips through the hallways.

“Right at the moment, I usually go down and check it and put away books that have been returned,” Zoe said. “If there’s something else that requires more time, I ask one of the other committee members to help me. I go by every day on the way to the front desk. Usually there’s not more than three or four books at the most.”

The library is regularly used, Zoe said, but she doesn’t have a frame of reference to know if the COVID-19 pandemic has more people reading more books.

“I haven’t been in charge of it for much longer than COVID hit,” she said.

The library largely depends on the generosity of others who are willing to donate their gently read titles to share. They also take care to not to not shelve duplicate copies of any one book.

Zoe isn’t a librarian by trade, but she was a teacher for a number of years and volunteered at other libraries.

“I was a teacher, and in connection with that I taught students the use of the library,” Zoe said. “For years and years, I took care of the library where I attended church.”

When she’s not caring for the books in the library, Zoe enjoys reading, playing bridge and socializing with friends — when she can. She’s also been involved with teaching GED students and volunteers to help others.

“I hope people will continue to use the library more,” Zoe said. “We’re always interested in any suggestions they have to make it better for them.”

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