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What aspect of your work makes you grateful?

Tim Allin, Executive Director

“I am most grateful each day to work with a leadership team of really talented and devoted people who support one another.”

Liz Miller, Social Worker

“That I get to work with an incredible team of people and that I get to work with the best residents every day!

Luke Land, Director Business Office

“I am grateful for the relationships that I have with both my colleagues and the residents here at Aberdeen Village. The residents have such wisdom to share and are a joy to speak with. My colleagues are very patient and will always go out of their way to help with resolving any challenge that comes our way. I am so happy to be a part of this community and be a part of a team that wants to provide the best possible care for our residents.”

David Nelson, Concierge

“I am most grateful for the love that I receive from the residents, and for the great people I work with who lift me up every day. “

Stephanie Oehlert, Sales & Marketing Director

“I feel truly blessed to get to know our residents and their families as I share the story of who Aberdeen Village is with them. I love walking with them along their path and helping to guide the way. I am so fortunate to work with a team of such fine people who live our mission every day. They make sharing the Aberdeen Village story something I am grateful for.”

Linda Mwanzi, Assisted Living Director

“Team work, great staff who are passionate with the residents, and the thought of a family-like environment rather than “Just a job”.

David Meyer, Sales & Marketing Counselor

“I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference by being a guide and navigator to future residents and their families in their senior living journey. Nothing is more satisfying knowing that we can help ease minds and get someone comfortable in their decision during big change in their life.”

Sandy Barnes, Life Enrichment Director

“I am most grateful for the residents that I have gotten to know through all my years of service to them. They keep me centered and wanting to come back the next day to be with them. They have become my second family and I have been blessed with many years of love from them in so many ways.”

Jeff Higgins, Dining Services Director

“I am grateful for the residents and all the support that I receive from them, especially the Independent Living ones.”

Christina Yang Her, Human Resources Assistant

“I am grateful to work with team members who can be open-minded and creatively collaborative”

Rebecca Travelute, Dining Services Assistant Director

“I am grateful for our residents, without them we wouldn’t have a job.

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