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What Is Short-Term Rehab for Seniors?

With so many senior living options, keeping them all straight can be difficult. One option you may need as a senior is short-term rehab. At Aberdeen Village, residents can get the short-term help they need through the PATH® program. Find out more about what short-term rehab is and when you might need it.

What Is Short-Term Rehab?

Short-term rehab provides extra rehabilitation support for a short period while you're recovering from a medical event. The goal is to help you regain strength, motor skills and general life skills. It might also help you regain certain functions, such as your hearing or memory. People may also go through rehab to help manage chronic pain due to a medical condition. 

You might qualify for short-term rehab after an injury, illness, surgery or hospitalization. Think of it as a bridge between the hospital and home. You're not quite ready to live completely on your own because you still need medical support and rehabilitative services. However, you no longer qualify to stay in the hospital, or you don't need the intensive medical care that comes with a hospital stay.

The Aberdeen Village short-term rehab program is called PATH®, which stands for Post-Acute to Home. It includes a range of services based on your condition and needs. You might also need a specialty rehab program based on your medical condition. The following types of short-term rehab give you a better idea of the services and when you might need them: 

1. Therapy in Short-Term Rehab

Many short-term rehab residents go through physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy as part of the recovery process. The specific type of therapy you need depends on your situation and your expected outcomes. Physical therapy focuses on your physical or movement functioning. It aims to get you moving again or improve your movement. 

Occupational therapy helps you relearn or improve skills you need in your daily routine. This form of therapy assists you in regaining independence by helping you do your day-to-day activities again. It might also include teaching you how to use adaptive equipment.

Speech therapy can help you relearn how to communicate after an injury or medical event. It can aid you with the physical act of speaking, but it can also help you get your thoughts into words and deal with other communication issues. Speech therapists can assist with feeding and swallowing issues that sometimes happen after a medical event, too. 

2. Orthopedic Rehab

As you get older, you might face some orthopedic issues. You may need a joint replacement or struggle with arthritis. Fractures, amputations and cervical injuries also fall under the orthopedic rehab program at Aberdeen Village. Our rehabilitation program can help you regain physical abilities after these medical issues, and can help you learn to adapt to the changes in your mobility. 

3. Post-Cardiac Rehab

If you experience a cardiac event, you might benefit from our post-cardiac rehab program. This specialized program helps you recover from heart surgery, heart disease complications and other cardiac issues.

4. Neurological Rehab

Stroke is a common neurological medical event that might require short-term rehab. You might lose many of your abilities after a stroke, and our neurological rehab program helps you regain some of those abilities. We can also help you manage any decreased capabilities that you can't recover through rehab.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Short-Term Rehab?

Seniors recovering from a variety of medical conditions might benefit from short-term rehab. It's ideal if you can make progress with various types of therapy. Participants usually have a goal to return home or to their previous living arrangements with as much independence as possible. 

What Are Accommodations Like?

At Aberdeen Village, our Short-Term Care accommodations offer a homelike atmosphere to keep you comfortable for the entirety of your stay. We offer 24/7 care teams and an emergency call system to summon help easily when you need it. Restaurant-style dining helps ensure you're eating foods that support your recovery. You also have access to a variety of activities, walking paths and a cappuccino bar, to name just a few amenities. 

Find the Right Short-Term Rehab at Aberdeen Village

Aberdeen Village offers a wide range of short-term rehab services that can help you transition from the hospital to your home. We help you regain the skills you need to reclaim your independence while supporting you through your recovery. Contact us to schedule an online visit, or give us a call at 913-599-6100.

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