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Why You Should Start Your Senior Living Search Now

If you’re reading this blog, you are already thinking about senior living options. Here at Aberdeen Village, we believe that it’s never too early to plan ahead. Making a big lifestyle change shouldn’t be a rushed decision.   

There’s a lot to think about

Senior living has been modernized in a big way. People are living longer and want to enjoy their retirements. Communities range from sprawling senior living enclaves with every amenity imaginable to beautiful neighborhood-like campuses to high-rise apartments and more. What’s going to be right for you? 

You also want to think where you want live geographically. Do you want to be close to certain friends or family, or is it time to explore all new horizons? Do you want to experience four seasons or go somewhere warmer (or colder)? All of these factors play a role in searching for senior housing options.

Practical considerations

Think about what else you need to age successfully. How well will a senior retirement community support your needs? Are there health resources on campus? What about wellness activities and intellectual stimulation? The answers lie in your current behaviors and health condition.

There are communities that offer a continuum of care that can help allay future worries. These Continuing Care RetirementCommunities (CCRCs), as they are called, offer a range of senior housing options depending on where you are in life. These options include:

·      Independent living for healthy and active seniors

·      Assisted living for seniors who need extra help with daily activities

·      Memory care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive and memory disorders

·      Short-term rehabilitation for residents with post-hospitalization recovery needs

·      Long-term skilled nursing facilities for seniors in need of 24/7 quality-of-life care


Here’s another good reason to start looking around before you are actually ready: waiting lists. Well-established, high-quality communities may have a waiting list. Just because you’re ready for them, doesn’t mean they’re ready for you. Starting your search now can get you in position for a seamless transition when it’s time.


Talk to your financial advisor once you decide that senior living is definitely in your plans. Many communities also have their own financial teams that can help you work out the numbers. Again, starting early can help you avoid surprises.  

Start at the beginning

Decide what kind of community and where it should be. Then, research your options in that general location. Find a few that look good online and go see for yourself. Give yourself time to reassess what you saw and heard while touring. After that, you’ll be well-prepared to sit down and make a good decision.

Yes. It is a lot to think about. That’s why it makes sense to start now.  

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