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With gratitude, we remember and honor our donors

Below is a list of individuals who gave generously during our annual Angel Appeal to support seniors at our campus who have outlived their financial resources through no fault of their own. Gifts are often made in the memory or honor of a loved one who has lived at our campus. We appreciate the generosity of our donors.

Mrs. Frances Adair in memory of Col. Alexander N. Adair & Doris Arnot

Mrs. Janice L. Adams in honor of Margaret Worrell

Mrs. Mary E. Allin in memory of George Allin

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Allin

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Beyer in memory of George & Kathryn Collins

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Brimm in memory of Eugene Brimm

Mrs. Georgia A. Bundschuh in memory of Bill Bundschuh

Mrs. Sybil Diehl

Mr. Edward Duman

Mrs. Trudy Eden in memory of Mike Eden

Mrs. JoAnn C. Furman in memory of Dr. Courtney Furman

Mrs. Gloria E. Giunta in memory of John Giunta

Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Hardman in memory of Marian Hardman

Mrs. Mary E. Johnson

Mr. Ambrose and Mrs. Jan Kelly

Rev. William H. Killam in memory of Rennie Killam

Mrs. Carolyn F. Kuhlman

Mrs. Margaret Landis in memory of Benjamin Landis

Mrs. Carolyn McCaul

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Minter

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morsch

Mrs. Sharon R. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. David Pack in memory of Henry M. Pack and in honor of Miriam Pack-Kelsey

Ms. Martha J. Parnell in memory of Rev. Donald K. Parnell

Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Rees

Ms. Norma J. Reiman in memory of June Reiman

Ms. Deborah Shuck

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Walter in memory of Anna Bell Walter

Rev. William M. Walter

Mr. William L. Ward

Mr. Edward J. Weger in memory of Shirley Weger

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wilson

Mrs. Marilyn M. Zimmerman in memory of Myrna Zimmerman

If you would like to support our seniors, you can make a gift online at or by leaving a gift with the staff at the front desk.

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