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Butterflies emerge to life in the wild

Diane Stoakes, our "Butterfly Lady" kept busy in early September with releasing new butterflies into the world from the Aberdeen Village Monarch Waystation.

We set nine butterflies off to see the world with the first release, followed by another five on the second release, with many more to come.

One of our residents, Esther Minter, was sitting on her patio when she noticed a monarch fluttering by and sitting down on one of the flowers on her patio. The more she looked at it she could see that it had been tagged.

She told her son, who was with her, "Who would have thought we would see one of our lovely monarchs we just tagged yesterday".

Diane does a great job keeping everyone here informed about the monarchs and where they are in their flights. Thanks Diane for all you do. Keep up the good flight!

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