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Celebrating our strength

In early August, we celebrated Activities Strong Day at Aberdeen Village.  

Our life enrichment staff have been working hard to keep our residents active and upbeat as much as possible, while maintaining physical distance and preventing groups from gathering for activities.

It has been a long six months, and no one is sure when we will get to any kind of normalcy in the world or inside Aberdeen Village. We simply take one step at a time, and find progress however we can.

"We feel we have become closer with our residents thanks to all of the individual conferences and assisting them with video chatting with their family,” said Sandy Barnes, life enrichment director. “It is our pleasure to have the job we have, and we will continue to be here for our residents and their families."

Pictured at the top, from left to right: Rouba Sawaf, Ellen Petelin, David Nelson, Sandy Barnes and Rachael Esau, wearing the t-shirts that commemorated Activities Strong Day.

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