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Ed Duman: Exploring Art at Aberdeen Village

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Resident Ed Duman with his 1st place painting, Volcano Inferno.[/caption]

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” -- Thomas Merton

Aberdeen resident and artist Ed Duman has certainly found himself and lost himself in the art programs here at Aberdeen Village. Prior to moving to Aberdeen, Ed “dabbled” in art. When he moved to our community six years ago he was “bugged” by other residents to join the weekly art class held every Friday. Ed declined several times and said he was happy doing his own artwork, mostly watercolors because it was “quick and easy.”

But it wasn’t long until other residents pulled Ed into the art culture that is found here. After taking several classes he realized he enjoyed the colored pencil drawing. Ed also became involved with the monthly art gallery Aberdeen that showcases local artists.

The Art is Ageless competition was a natural fit for Ed to explore. He has entered many pieces of his work in the six years he has lived with us and has won four times. In fact, he was a big winner in this year’s competition, with several entries from the Christmas category to painting category. Ed remembers his favorite piece. It was a colored pencil drawing of a denim jacket. “I loved that drawing and thought that it would definitely win something.” Unfortunately, it didn’t garner a win, but he still has that drawing and it is among his favorites.

As you may imagine, six years of art has filled Ed’s apartment walls. He has sold several paintings. When he was approached to sell one, Ed suggested that the buyer instead write the check to the Good Samaritan program, which helps at Aberdeen Village residents who have outlived their financial resources.

Like many of us, Ed has experienced changes in his vision, but he is determined to not let that hamper his love for art. During this year’s Art is Ageless competition Ed entered two abstract paintings that demonstrate a new painting technique he has learned: Fluid Acrylic Pour. Artists may know it as the “dirty pour,” simply because you put all of your paint in a cup with a few other ingredients to make it spread across the canvas. According to Ed, it can get dirty and messy, but he loves the new technique and it keeps him connected to art. He also enjoys playing music on banjo and ukulele.

Just as Ed was pulled into the art culture at Aberdeen, he has done the same with newer residents as they have moved in.

“I enjoy art, and it helps me stay connected with my community here at Aberdeen. It also keeps me busy and engaged.” Ed’s best piece of advice for a newcomer or those who may be timid to try art is, “Just give it a try, you will love it.”

Ed’s paintings are available to purchase. If you are interested in seeing his pieces, contact our main office.

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