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If you feel like you’re in a pickle, try pickleball says Aberdeen Village resident!

A few years ago, Steve Davis joined his wife for a round of pickleball at the Olathe Community Center and quickly found himself faling in love with the ever-popular sport. Since moving to Aberdeen Village two years ago, he’s continued to play weekly at the center.

“I enjoy the competition, but mostly I love the fun and friendship,” said Davis. “I enjoy playing with people of all ages.”

Davis is always up for introducing the sport to friends – including a couple from Aberdeen Village who have recently joined him on the court.

“Some don’t like to play for two hour stretches like I do, but it’s fun for everyone.”

Pickleball is estimated to be the fastest growing sport in America, and it has certainly captured Davis’s attention.

“I hope we’re able to have it here at Aberdeen someday,” he said. “As it grows in popularity and there’s more interest, I’d say that’s a definite possibility.”

In fact, when Aberdeen’s sales and marketing director, Megan White, joined the community she recognized Davis from playing pickleball at the community center. It was a full circle moment, and a sign of the sport’s popularity across the age spectrum.

Staying active and social have proven to have a positive impact on aging.

“It’s a great way to stay busy and stay in shape,” Davis said.

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