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Senior Friendly Movie Night Recommendations

Watching movies on the big screen offers an experience you can’t easily replicate at home. However, you may have to deal with noisy moviegoers interrupting the show at the worst possible time. Planning a movie night in the comfort of your own home offers the flexibility to watch at your desired pace and volume, with the added convenience of pausing for bathroom breaks. Make your movie night more memorable by inviting friends or family members over, grabbing popcorn and other traditional movie theater snacks and considering one of these senior-friendly recommendations.

Gone With the Wind

Adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Gone with the Wind is a timeless classic that combines romance, drama and tragic history of the South during the American Civil War and Reconstruction era. The drama primarily focuses on the life of spoiled Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara, including her turbulent relationship with the dashing Rhett Butler as society as she knows it crumbles around her. Older adults may appreciate the rich storytelling as they journey into the past to a bygone era filled with love, loss and the indomitable spirit of a headstrong lass who refuses to let life beat her.

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is a musical masterpiece that combines an uplifting story with memorable songs as it follows the von Trapp family and the new governess, Maria. The former novice has her hands full with seven unruly children who soon come around, as does their father, the rigid retired naval Captain with a soft spot in his heart for Maria. Set in Salzburg, Austria, as the Nazi party is coming into power, this film has a serious backdrop but offers seniors a captivating escape into a world filled with love, resilience and a family rediscovering happiness.

Top Gun

Seniors looking for a bit more action for their movie night won’t be disappointed when they soar the skies with Maverick and the rest of the fighter pilots at Top Gun. This high-flying flick offers adrenaline-pumping scenes set to an unforgettable ‘80s soundtrack. You can’t help but like Maverick (played by Tom Cruise), a talented yet reckless fighter pilot who vies for the top spot while striking up a sizzling romance with a pretty civilian instructor. Top Gun may be a favorite among seniors seeking action-packed entertainment filled with youthful adventure and enduring friendships.

The Parent Trap (1961)

Two identical twins separated as babies when their parents divorced hatch a scheme to reunite their parents by switching places. The road to reconciliation is a rocky one, beginning with an instant dislike of each other after meeting at summer camp and culminating in a reunion that isn’t working out as planned. The 1961 classic featuring Hayley Mills playing twins Sharon and Susan offers a delightful family comedy that enchants viewers with its heartwarming tale. Seniors may appreciate the charming humor, clever plot twists and endearing characters as they take a trip back to simpler times and childhood nostalgia.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Evelyn is a timid housewife in the 1980s who's searching for purpose in her life. She finds that and more when she meets a spunky senior named Ninny while visiting her husband’s aunt in a nursing home. Ninny weaves a tale of the fiercely independent Idgie Threadgoode and her best friend Ruth, whose extraordinary friendship withstood some long-held secrets in Whistle Stop, Alabama. Seniors may be drawn to this film for its nostalgic look at small-town life and friendships that never die, and the powerful storytelling and heartfelt performances make it an uplifting choice for movie night.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Seniors seeking a heartwarming romantic comedy can’t go wrong when they enter the boisterous world of the Portokalos family. Things go from quirky to truly chaotic when shy Greek American Toula Portokalos falls for a non-Greek man, and her father disapproves. With the help of her large and extremely loud Greek family, her wedding plans are filled with hilarious antics bound by the celebration of heritage and family bonds. The uplifting love story is infectious and reminds viewers of the joy and humor found in life’s zaniest moments.


Even an animated adventure from Pixar can make an excellent movie night option for those looking for a whimsical journey filled with love, humor and an unstoppable imagination. Carl, a senior widower, embarks on a grand airborne adventure when he attaches thousands of balloons to his house to fly to Paradise Falls to keep his promise to his deceased wife. Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer scout, accidentally goes along for the ride. Between the lovable characters and poignant storytelling, seniors may find themselves reminiscing about their own youthful dreams and be inspired to embrace new adventures.

Explore Senior Living at Aberdeen Village

Whether you’re planning a movie night of your own or joining us for a community-wide movie night, these and other similar movies are excellent choices. We also have many other great events planned each day for our residents at Aberdeen Village. Our numerous senior living activities provide access to a wide range of things for aging adults to do without ever having to leave the campus. Contact us today at 913-599-6100 for more information about our community and all our upcoming events planned for our residents.

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