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At the heART of it all

Guest Artist Christa Klotz

Christa Klotz of The Painted Clover will be our featured guest at our Art is Ageless (AIA) event from 2 to 4 p.m. on Dec. 14. Christa will take our residents and guests through a fun painting session on the theme "Living with HeART," and they will be able to take home their beautiful piece of art afterward. You can also meet our AIA winners and join us for a reception honoring their accomplishments. AIA calendars are available for $10, with artists on hand to sign their work. We'll have hors d’oeuvres and champagne to celebrate.

Artist Profile

Christa’s family realized she had a natural talent for painting at a young age. She dabbled throughout her life, and in high school she took her first painting class by one of her favorite teachers. Her first official painting was of a yellow calla lily; it is 5 1/2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Her mother proudly displays the painting in the entryway to her home to this day.

Between high school and her junior year of college, Christa only experimented in painting and did not produce too many paintings. Then one of her teachers mentioned that he had an idea for a painting of a specific image, but that he could not paint, nor could he find anyone to paint for him. Christa volunteered to paint this ideal painting. A few weeks later, Christa had her first commissioned painting and repeat client, who now has two of her pieces.

After college, reintroduced to her passion, Christa traveled to Peru in search of greater things, and she painted and sketched the surrounding area. When she returned she felt small, and that she needed to help others learn how to paint, so she started teaching at senior communities. Painted Clover was born! For the next five years Christa would travel to three or four communities a day to help inspire the residents.

In 2016 she grounded Painted Clover with her first official location in Shawnee, Kansas, where the public and people of all ages can now go to learn to paint as well. The Painted Clover motto is “Anyone Can Paint,” and with easy step-by-step detailed instructions, truly anyone can make a painting they can be proud to display in their home.

Christa plans to expand the number of communities and locations that receive painting classes because the goal is to help create memories and lasting pieces of artwork that the families can share throughout the years to come. Learn more at

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